Disarming Design vzw - Disarming Design from Palestine
Work: Disarming Design from Palestine
Disarming Design vzw
Article: Design + Journalism Talkshow (artists)
Article: Design + Journalism Talkshow (interviews)
Article: Design + Journalism Talkshow (live guests)
Article: MSc Communication Design, Politecnico di Milano
Article: The value design can have in journalism
Article: What value can design have in journalism?
Article: Affiniteit met design en journalistiek?
Article: Design Systems : Impartial Spectrum
Article: Design Systems : News That Will Change the World
Article: Vacancy : Design / Art Intern
Article: Join ACED at Dutch Design Week
Alice Wong - A Charged Dream
Work: A Charged Dream
Alice Wong
Post Neon - Mobile Journalism
Work: Mobile Journalism
Post Neon
Cream on Chrome - 4-D News
Work: 4-D News
Cream on Chrome
Foundland Collective - Failed Futures and Extended Border
Work: Failed Futures and Extended Borders
Foundland Collective
Next Nature Network - Reprodutopia
Work: Reprodutopia
Next Nature Network

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