The very final outcome of Spark Narration

During a period of 6 months, 4 talented teams created various productions on the edge of design, art and journalism. An impression of the very final outcome of our Spark Narration program.

7496 KM Sound Waves Apart
Eva van der Zand, Zippora Martosoewando, Hristo Heijmans Breeker, Marciano San A Jong and Anita Plowell

Do you hear echoes of the past? Go on a 'voice over journey' between Amsterdam and Paramaribo. Listen to sound waves and paint them with Blauwsel, smell Walaba wood from Brokopondo Reservoir and taste cassava crisps immersing yourself among Amsterdam and Paramaribo.

May contain traces of…
Giulia Pompilj and Polina Slavova

A collection of tableware (and thorough artistic journalistic research) that examines the flux of the rice grain and its arrival in Suriname. As evidence for the intertwined stories of cultural preservation, identity, trade, but also the commodification of ingredients and market manipulations.

Concepts of Freedom
Connor McMullen, Tirzah Baank, Tanya Sitaram and Iwan Brave

Discover a dynamic world of sound that merges stories of Surinamese women with data sonification. This interactive, digital display brings new life to data and orchestrates a melodious background for seven stories of women in search of freedom (website, Itch and trailer).

Sharing is caring
Chetana Pai and Sarah Saleh

To cherish, share and celebrate the journeys and contributions of Surinamese and Antillean women from Amsterdam Noord, conversations with these women were recorded in a podcast. As well as a zine containing a map of Amsterdam Noord drawn by its community.

Spark Narration has been made possible with the kind support of Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten and Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek.

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