Designalism Newsroom: The Participants

Curious who has been selected for Designalism Newsroom? Please let us introduce you to 18 talented designalists, who will be participating the first edition of our program i.c.w. NOS, De Volkskrant and Pointer (KRO-NCRV).

Image: Emilia Martin

Charmaine de Heij
Charmaine de Heij reflects with photography on contemporary issues, which concern her on a personal level as well. The subjects that her photography touches upon are diverse: from a psychological state to identity to racism. Charmaine is of mixed origin, Dutch and Surinamese. With her work she would like to be a representation of her cultural heritage and aims to cultivate understanding.

Chris Congleton
Chris Congleton is a student MSc Computer Science: Data Science based in Leiden. In his thesis he investigates the political tendencies of Dutch newspapers. By using various big data, machine learning and AI techniques, Chris analyzes a collection of newspaper articles. Of which, for instance, displaying how often politicians or parties are mentioned in a newspaper.

Eef Veldkamp
Eef Veldkamp is an artist, researcher and tutor at ArtEZ University of the Arts. In his practice, Eef focuses on organizations that relate to contemporary issues around, for instance, protest. Each organization has its own goals, programming, pitfalls and expiration dates that are often put into practice in collective with other artists and thinkers.

Fenna Wenselaar
Fenna Wenselaar is a media creator and researcher who aims to use her skills to make complex information accessible to a broad audience. She obtained a MA degree in Information Design from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2019, has a strong fascination for what people do on the internet and loves working with video.

Fien Leeflang
Fien Leeflang is a graphic designer and image editor based in The Hague. She obtained a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from The Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague in 2020. The interaction between visual and linguistic storytelling is her main interest, which reflects in her practice, focusing on research and information design.

Geart van der Pol
Geart van der Pol studied journalism and works at the crossmedia section of de Volkskrant. There he works together with developers and designers on innovative online journalism. The collaborations always revolve around the same question: what is the best form for the story we want to tell?

Jonathan Tang
Jonathan Tang is a Dutch-Cantonese visual artist with a background in architecture. His work mainly focuses on processes within power structures of modern society by means of the image as a materialized object. Currently, he is studying the MA Photography and Society at The Royal Art Academy of Art, The Hague.

Jonathan Tjien Fooh
Jonathan Tjien Fooh is a storyteller part of PoetryCircle Amsterdam, a researcher, and programme maker Designing Cities for All at Pakhuis de Zwijger. Molded by the ‘Alakondre’ culture, resilient nature, and colonial history of Suriname, his work is aimed at untangling systems of oppression and exclusion; remixing art, storytelling, ethnographic research, and decolonial thinking, to uncover erased stories.

Luis Anibal Villegas Hernandez
Luis Anibal Villegas Hernandez is a Venezuelan-born Aruban journalist, poet and jurist in training. His interest in journalism and law were sparked by his bureaucratic journey to become a citizen of Aruba, which culminated in him fighting the immigration department in court. Luis' work focuses mainly on migrant, climate and LGBTI+ rights, as well as public administration, freedom of information and Kingdom relations.

Marije Rooze
Marije Rooze is a frontend developer at Pointer with a focus on the online aspects of the journalistic research platform. Coming up with creative concepts, researching new techniques, and developing innovative stories are what she likes most about her work.

Michelle de Gruijl
Michelle de Gruijl is an editorial designer for de Volkskrant with a background in illustration and cultural anthropology. In recent years she has been focusing on graphic journalism because she believes that design contributes to the accessibility of information and to conveying empathy and understanding.

Nina Bogosavac
Nina Bogosavac is a journalist at the Financial and Economics desk at the NOS. Here she combines her love for human interest stories with the more complex economic topics. It’s important to her that the videos and articles she produces are relatable and accessible to many people.

Noor de Kort
Noor de Kort followed the writing course of the master's in Journalism at the University of Amsterdam and the master's in Politics & Parliament at Radboud University. Noor previously wrote for Trouw and NRC and currently works as a communications adviser at the municipality of Tilburg. Politics, history and sport are subjects that fascinate her in particular.

Pascal Bakker
Pascal Bakker lives in Amsterdam and has been working in the media since 2011. In 2019 he started as a director and since May 2022 he has been working as a News Director at NOS. What he enjoys most is creating a beautiful media product with creative people from different disciplines.

Saskia Pouwels
Saskia Pouwels is a designer, educator, and researcher at Human Experience & Media Design at Hogeschool Utrecht, NL. Her work explores and shapes practices at the intersection of data and immersive design, focusing on remote-sensing technologies and the social and political implications of digital intellectual property. She calls for a fundamental shift in the way we conceive and design (digital) environments.

Thomas de Beus
Thomas de Beus aims to narrow the gap between reality and people's perception of it through data journalism. He collects, interviews, and draws with mountains of data. Searching for striking societal developments, beyond the anecdote, for stories with more authority. From the beginning, form and content go hand in hand.

Wendy van der Waal
Wendy van der Waal is an art director and content creator who landed at the newsroom of Pointer - a journalistic program of the public broadcaster - via and de Volkskrant. She experiments with digital storytelling techniques like data visualization, visual reconstructions, interactive scroll stories, and games.

Zhizhong Keene
Zhizhong Keene works as a graphic- and visual designer, mixing traditional and new media practices of print design, coding and digital illustrating. With an interest in the visual language of cartoons and animation, Keene explores how their elements such as panels, sequences, exclamations and narrative structures can be applied across different surfaces & spaces.

Designalism Newsroom is an initiative of ACED in collaboration with Beeld en Geluid Den Haag, Pointer (KRO – NCRV), Volkskrant and NOS. The program has been made possible with the kind support of Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and Pictoright Fonds.

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