Breaking News Event

2 October 2018
Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
Image by Giada Fiorindi

Journalism is currently undergoing a huge transition. Media organizations are under pressure and are aware of the need to distinguish themselves in order to attract an audience. At the same time, a new generation of creatives takes flight in the development of experimental media forms. What role can creatives play in rapidly changing journalism?

While the discussion about the future of journalism and design is usually represented in conferences, lectures and debates, ACED decided to introduce a new interactive format through Breaking News.

50 designers, journalists, artists, illustrators, image makers, tech innovators, developers and researchers were challenged to work together on innovative forms of journalism. The search for what value design and art can have in the journalism of tomorrow was central this evening. Artistic and journalistic forces were joined and based on the participants' rich expertise interdisciplinary teams were formed.

The participants were personally guided by Anne-Marije Vendeville (art director at NRC Handelsblad & NRC Next), Eva Hilhorst (graphic journalist and chief editor at Drawing the Times), Selby Gildemacher (artist and co-founder of Hackers & Designers), Erik Kessels (creative director at KesselsKramer) Yara van der Velden (image editor at De Correspondent), Stijn Postema (journalist, artist and researcher at Mediastudies | University of Amsterdam). Breaking News was moderated by Jasper Schelling.

The positive energy and critical reflection of the participants resulted in a collective front page of the future. The diversity and level of outcomes were high and worked at multiple levels.

Several proposals addressed the public debate in specific forms, such as an exhibition about the vaccination debate and conceptual solutions on issues related to Brexit, technology and religion.

Other proposals focussed more on how we consume news. For example, from the choice of a specific heading, the news is restricted to one medium. Technologically driven solutions were also considered, by explicitly indicating how a story is modified and changed during the publication period to users, creating a narrative from the interaction between journalist and audience.

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Breaking News is an initiative of ACED and Pakhuis de Zwijger in collaboration with NRC Handelsblad, Drawing the Times, De Correspondent, University of Amsterdam, Kesselskramer and Hackers & Designers.

Anne-Marije Vendeville
Eva Hilhorst
Selby Gildemacher
Erik Kessels
Yara van der Velden
Stijn Postema
Mark Deuze
Yifan Yaing
Roos du Pree
Iris Box
Photography and Video
Giada Fiorindi
Graphic Design
Jasper Schelling
Patty Jansen
Program Manager
Noortje van Eekelen
Creative Director
Femke Awater
Program maker Pakhuis de Zwijger

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